Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Loose Threads Quilt Show - Part 2

Part two of my posts about the Peebles quilt show hosted by the Loose Threads Quilt Cub will feature just a few pictures of quilts that caught my eye, and my mother's eye. I had no idea Mom was so partial to 30s prints! I will be keeping that bit of information in the back of my mind, you can bet. *wink*

This quilt was one Mom really liked. She stood there for quite a long time looking at it. As we inspected it and tried to figure out what the individual block was, the quilter herself happened along to answer some questions.

So, we took her picture with her quilt! She was obviously proud of her work, and was so pleasant. Toni showed us where the blocks joined, but I still would have a hard time trying to figure it out. She said it looks complicated, but it was really only a matter of making sure that the "weave" was maintained from block to block. If one got turned, then the pattern would be off.

As we meandered through the smaller items in the adjoining room, we stopped to admire what you see in the next couple of pictures - lo! and behold! Toni came by and we found out she'd made these, as well. She is as taken with 30s prints as Mom! What gorgeous items. She said that their club had spent some time learning and experimenting with prairie points, so this table is a variety of ideas stemming from those experiments.

I will close out the quilt show with just a few more quilts that caught my eye. I admit that with Mom, Kevin, Uncle John, Aunt Nina and Marilyn all around, I was not entirely focused on quilts! But that's okay. I hope the gals in this group won't feel slighted by my limited offering of pictures. I think they'll understand.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour through the quilt show. I came away with ideas for quilts; it gives me a boost to see the work of others. And it's nice to come together with like-minded folks, too. Such a great community of quilters, here in Adams County, and all across the globe! It's mind-boggling, really, just how widespread quilting has become.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I love the 30s prints myself too. Have a great collection of feedsack material. Love the quilt that is hard to decipher where its pieced!

  2. I agree....I LOVE 30's prints and this pattern shows them off wonderfully. Do you remember the name of the pattern...I would love to find it. I'm like a lot of quilters and can pretty much figure out a pattern...but with this one I really need a hint as to what constitutes a block. Hint, hint.... :)

    Thank you for sharing....I may have to check to see how far away Peebles is from me next year.



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