Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sharon's Batik Wall Hanging

I have a new spring in my step today, dear readers. I have finished off the grading for spring semester! In totally uncharacteristic fashion, I submitted my grades a full week before they are due - this is an accomplishment of such monumental proportions that I really ought to be celebrating in some way, shape or form.

For the 30 years I taught at the high school level, never once did I finish my grades early. This same habit has carried over to my teaching at the university level, as well. Until now, that is. This is a mighty fine feeling, and I hope I can repeat it in the fall when I will again go back to OUC to teach two composition classes.

Enough school talk - let's get to quilty talk!

On Tuesday Sharon was here to sew and I wanted to take a quick post to show you her project. She bought a group of batik fabrics from the sale table at Old Town Fabric Shop and created a wall hanging for her daughter's house. She spent the day doing some machine quilting on it. I took a couple of pictures, and while the lighting does them absolutely no justice whatsoever, you can still get a feel for what the quilt will look like.

This puts me in mind of the Floral Columns quilts we made last June on a sewing day when Frienzie Kay joined us. Click here to review that fun project. And a follow up is here. Anyway, these long strips will be turned on the horizontal, and they vary in widths, two major differences from our Floral Columns quilts. I love the colors of these batiks, something Sharon is very skilled at - color selection and color combinations. She has a very good eye.

Perhaps we can persuade Sharon to take a picture of this when it is hanging in her daughter's house. We will share it here, if so!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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