Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Finish!

After complaining in Friday's post about not getting much of anything done this month, I spent yesterday changing those circumstances. Yes, I have a finish, dear readers, and my streak of completing my monthly UFOs now stands at 4 for 4.


My 9-Patch Strippy was a devilish little bugger to finish, but I stayed with it and got 'er done. The sort of finishing required included the types of things I dislike - a lot: picking out stitches, removing things, replacing them and re-sewing it all. Ugh.

But, in the end, isn't it worth it?!! Yes!!

Here she is on the guest bed. She has 5 vertical rows of 9-patch blocks - all hand stitched - and placed on point with some ancient calico from my stash. Then there are 3 red floral (also from the stash) strips between them and two outer strips of the same fabric but a bit wider for the borders. I had not planned to add an upper and lower border, but since I had the fabric, I decided that would be the thing to do - use it  up. So the top and bottom borders are on. I have very little of either fabric remaining. Perhaps just enough to throw in my stack for potential EPP use.

The size is quite a bit larger than I ever would have imagined when I started this quilt, measuring out at 93" long by 81" wide, roughly.

I have an answer to the questions I posed at the end of my last post. The way to get over "can't-focus-itis" is to complain about it, then after reading it and realizing you sound like a whiner, just get to work, for heaven's sake! *cheesy grin*

Added later: I forgot that I signed up at Elm Street Quilts for her One Monthly Goal linky party. I have linked to her post for finishes. Click on over there to see what other quilters have accomplished this month and to be inspired to get moving next month!
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. very pretty, I like the pattern

  2. Great looking quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  3. I've been going back over your year of UFO finishes - I'm so impressed! I'm attracted to this quilt in particular, maybe this setting is one I can use to utilize some of my many orphan blocks. Anyway, your "can't - focus - itis" is something I've struggled with as well. Maybe I should jump onto this OMG bandwagon next year. I have enough UFOs to keep me busy for two solid years.


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