Thursday, August 24, 2017

Another Finish

The last of the commission projects that I agreed to do this summer has been finished; I will deliver it later today. Hooray! This project has turned out to be one that is rather special in that it is my very first quilt for which I did my own long-arm quilting! It was a fun day of learning, and I will write more about it tomorrow; today's post is about the quilt and the finish.

The eventual recipient of this t-shirt quilt is Abby, a recent high school grad and current student at the University of Cincinnati. Her grandmother plays bridge in some of the same clubs as my mother, and in this roundabout way, I was commissioned to do this quilt. Strange how those things work, you know? I brought the t-shirts home with me in the spring and finished the binding last night. What a sense of accomplishment - and a sense of freedom! To have all three commissions done feels really good.

The backing and binding fabric is a very nice flannel of red and black plaid on white. Because of its weight, this will be one extremely warm and cozy quilt in the cold days of winter. I can see this being well used in a college dorm or apartment. It is roughly 72" x 88" - more than ample for a dorm bed, I would think. It will serve regardless of the size of her bed.

I took several pictures of it, mostly because I quilted it!!! I stitched those quilting curlicues! And, the customer did a fantastic job of placing the shirts exactly where she wanted them - I always like to have good separation of colors, and that is certainly accomplished here.

Come on back tomorrow for I will share with you all the excitement of my first ever long-arm experience. There might even be a video! (never done that before, so we'll see...)

I am linking with Needle and Thread Thursday; hope you'll skip on over there to see what some other quilters have been working on.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I really need to do a tee quilt. you make it look so easy.
    love it


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