Monday, August 7, 2017

Circleville Quilt Show - The Quilts In the Show - Part 1

The Good Time Quilters (GTQ) from Circleville, OH, have just held their annual quilt show and my, oh my, was it wonderful. I took over 40 pictures of the quilts in the show, about a dozen more of the vendors, and even more of what I bought. Consequently, you are going to hear a lot about this quilt show this week, as I will spread it all out over the next 4 days. First, I want to show you all the quilts that I photographed. I didn't take nearly all of them, as this show continues to grow in its new home at Ohio Christian University. 

The theme for this year's show is "Four Decades of Quilting," therefore quite a few of the entries are antique quilts, reproduction quilts and 30s quilts. All the quilts I photographed were appealing to me, and you know that everyone's taste differs. I hope those from the guild who read this whose quilts aren't pictured will understand that this just represents my particular taste on this particular day.

This post will have lots to look at, so warm up your coffee and let's get started. Today, I will bring you quilts made by some of my quilting friends who are members of this guild, along with the Best of Show honorees.

Best of Show and Judge's Choice

Made by quilting friend Sheryll!

Made by quilting friends
By Laura from our Canter's Cave Retreat.
By Laura.
By Laura.
By Sheryll.
By Sheryll. This was her daughter's wedding quilt; see this.
By Jan. 
By Jan; Patchwork of the Cross.
By Jan; little quilt.

By Jan; the big quilt version of previous.

By Jan; Made with Crown Royal bags.
That's all for today, friends. I'll have an even bigger show tomorrow, so come on back for part 2.

I hope I didn't miss anyone from our little quilting circle; I don't have pictures from a couple of gals, and they normally enter things. It is entirely possible that I did overlook a few. Hope not!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Love seeing all these quilts--a very talented group!

  2. Wow! Love this first post! The quilts are wonderful...and I agree with the first pic! If you want to see photos of the Sisters Quilt show here in Oregon, go to
    I used to get two or three comments on my quilting posts but since I had to get ready to move and wasn't doing much quilting (or posting) I've lost my followers.

  3. Lots of pretties in the show!


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