Monday, August 28, 2017

Claudia's Impressive Progress

Not long ago, former quilting student Claudia sent me some pictures of a project she had recently finished. And when I say finished, I mean she did it all - piecing, quilting and binding. My, how far she has come on her quilting journey.

Below is the quilt - look at all those pieces! And all those bias edged triangles! She found this wall-hanging-size kit drastically marked down, so she bought it and promptly made it. (Unlike your truly, who would have let it age for many months before tackling it.)

Claudia's story, for those of you who are not long-time followers, is nothing short of remarkable. She came to me as a bona fide neophyte to a class I offered on hand piecing. She continued one-on-one with me for the better part of two years, gave up hand piecing in favor of machine piecing, upgraded her sewing machine twice, and is now entirely confident in her ability to take on just about any project. She has a definite penchant for bright colors, and a special fondness for patriotic. I cannot see her ever making anything with the darker sedate colors of reproduction prints. Give her orange and yellow and fuchsia anytime!

Today, I head back to my part-time teaching gig at the local branch of Ohio University. I will teach two freshman composition courses on Mondays and Wednesdays through early December. Tomorrow, DH starts another year as a bus (van) driver for four Mennonite families. Their school is too far for the little ones to go alone on bike or buggy, and he loves doing it. The children are delightful.

Hope your week is productive!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Hi! I have had this same quilt top finished since the Spring. Haven't quilted it yet, though. Hers turned out lovely! Can't wait to have mine completed so I can use it...


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