Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Circleville Quilt Show - The Quilts In The Show - Part 2

Today's post continues the pictures I took at last week's quilt show hosted by the Circleville guild, Good Time Quilters. You may as well get comfy and keep the coffee warm because you are likely to be here awhile. Enjoy the show.

Antique (or at least old) Quilts

Quilts Made with 30s Prints

Quilts That Captured My Fancy

The Most Impressive Quilt of the Show (IMO)

This quilt was entirely hand pieced and hand quilted; I hope you can click on the picture to get a close up of the incredible quilting. It is simply stunning. I surmise from information overheard at the show that this was the 40th year for this show, and previous master quilters' winners were invited to return with their ribbons. This quilt is sporting several ribbons, and deservedly so. What a labor of love. It is gorgeous and I am so glad I got to see it in person.

One final picture is of the quilt that the guild will be raffling next year at the 2018 show; the piecing appears to be completed; now for the quilting.

Tomorrow, come on back for details on the vendors plus a look at what I bought. (fun stuff!)

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Wow, what a fabulous show, so many gorgeous traditional quilts. My kind of show for sure. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Were most of the newer quilts hand or machine quilted?

  2. What a show-thanks for sharing,excellent pics Lois

  3. Absolutely wonderful quilts What a great show! Thanks so much for sharing!


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