Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer Style

I finished off a little hand-stitched project this week. The UFO for this month was to finish the large hexagon table topper that I began last summer. I took a few hours here and there this week and finished it off with the Frankfort Girls here on Friday. A quick binding and off to the screened porch for the dining table.

It is nothing fancy, and the edges are a bit wavy, but I like how colorful it is and it works well on the porch. This is a wonderful little bonus quilt as I bought nothing new for it. The hexagons were pieced from scraps on hand. The batting was pieced from two small pieces, as was the back. Even the thread used to quilt it was purchased for some previous project. I love when just a little bit of my time can result in a sweet little accent piece like this.

I am excited to have younger daughter Emma here today. Her 25th birthday is later this week, so I am planning a big dinner of some of her favorites. While we visit, I will very likely have a stack of 2.5" squares to stitch - haven't done any in ages. It will make for the perfect activity while chatting and catching up - Slow Sunday Stitching style. I may end up with 4-patches, or 9-patches - who knows? I"ll be spontaneous. *grin*

Have a great Sunday and a great week!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. This is a very pretty table topper. The largest size of hexies I've ever made is 1" but that larger size looks like fun. Maybe someday. Enjoy the day with your daughter.

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter. My daughter is the same age. Nice table topper...perfect for the summer.

  3. What a pretty table topper. Who cares that the edges are wavy, it is still very pretty. Enjoy your visit with your daughter.

  4. Hi Jayne, that's a lovely hexie runner. It's great to be using up scraps and things on hand for small projects. I really like the look of the hand quilting. I'll have to try that soon. Thanks!


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