Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Block Exchange Update

Several months ago, the group I fondly refer to as The Frankfort Girls, agreed to do a block exchange project after seeing the book The 4" x 5" Block Anthology. Read about our swap here. Some of the girls have their blocks finished, so I decided that since all my commissions are caught up I should go ahead and finish mine while I have the time.

Listening to the others, I learned a few tricks and tips. Most importantly, several recommended that all the little parts be drenched in starch, left to dry overnight, and then pressed.

As orderly as possible, I spread out the parts of the blocks on a towel and saturated all with starch. When dry, I pressed and stacked in neat piles ready to take to the sewing machine.

Each of us selected two blocks to make for the swap. My blocks are both stars. If you clicked that link above, you saw that my fabrics combine to make what I hope results in a muted, almost dusty-looking quilt. 

My Block 1
My Block 2
I have discovered that I cut a few blocks incorrectly. Some blocks are missing the correct number of pieces, while others are the wrong size. I am not the only one who has had to re-cut; we are bringing our fabrics with us to our meetings so that re-cutting can be done.

Above are the Block 1s that are correct. I need a few pieces to make Sheryll's and Sharon's.

And these are the Block 2s. The ones on the left are completed correctly. On the right are two blocks that need some additional work. Becky's block is missing 2 pieces, and Jan's block needs 4 parts to be re-cut. Do you see what I mean by cutting things the wrong size? I placed my boo-boos there to show how I messed up.

I hope the girls are forgiving in the shape of the blocks I give them. I surely do have some wonky sides and missing points.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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