Friday, November 10, 2017

An Update on Sharon

My dear friend Sharon, with whom I taught for 29 years and have quilted with in our retirement, has been in a blue period. I suppose most of us know about Picasso and his "blue period," and he really was blue. Sharon just love blue quilts. No somber moods here!  

It has been ages since I last updated her sewing activities here on the blog, so let's see what she has been up to in recent months. 

In September, she unfurled this column-style quilt she'd made - she does not normally have time for sewing unless it's here, so to see this beauty was a treat. She spent some birthday money on - what else - gorgeous fabric - and made a fast and super-simple columns quilt in luscious blues. We didn't take the time to lay it out neatly, (we should have!) but here are some rough shots of it. Soak in those beautiful florals!

Sometimes, the fabric can do all the work. Why fuss with cutting and piecing intricate designs when a group of fabulous fabrics can result in a fast and satisfying finish?

A quilt that she did work on  here on our Tuesday sewing sessions was this 9-patch blue and cream quilt with gorgeous sashing strips. These fabrics are mostly (if not all) Laundry Basket Quilts Fabric, and Sharon has had a wild affection for them, for sure. Below is a more complete shot, however it is a big quilt, so not nearly all of it fit into the frame.

And, in staying with fabrics from Laundry Basket, she began working on this so-simple quilt that uses 10" squares or layer cakes. The pattern is called Star Gazer and is free from Andover Fabrics; I think I will have to make this, too - someday. It looks so easy and fast, and it makes a 72" square quilt which is rather a nice size.

Sometime this fall - September, I believe - the internets and blogs were all abuzz about Jelly Rolls. Sharon and I could not spend the actual day of the celebration working together, but on our next available Tuesday, we did spend our time making a jelly roll quilt. (I will share mine at some point - it was a huge disaster, and I will 'fess up about it; just not yet.) Sharon used a jelly roll of Kaffe Fassett blues/greens to make this cool quilt. The first picture is what we did on that one day; the second picture is of her finish. It is a variation of the traditional jelly roll race quilt. Since we'd both done a couple of those, we found this alternative.

And just this week when we sewed at Terry's, Sharon was working on a flannel quilt in her nephew's college colors - blue and gray. Won't this be great for a college apartment?

Now, not all of Sharon's creating has been of the blue variety. Take a look at this luscious flannel quilt  she plans to use for the back of her sofa - what a great quilt for winter reading or movie-watching. I think I could get lost in this for a day or two.

That pretty much completes our catching up with what Sharon has been up to. We will be missing her today at our Frienzies Veterans' Day sewing with Sherrie. Sharon has to perform gramma duties for her two grandsons. She will be with us in spirit, though, I just know it!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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