Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Hello, Pam! Guest Post

Back in the summertime, I took this picture of a gorgeous quilt that my Frienzie Pam shared with us. Pam brought us a guest post last year, if you recall.  I saved this picture and a few more all this time in the hope that she would provide another guest blog about her fund-raising efforts, and today is the day, dear readers. Take it away, Pam!

Guest Blog # 2

I have made another Zentangle quilt! This one got its start at my 40 year high school class reunion! One of the guys that I graduated with is married to a quilter. I told her about my 2016 Zentangle quilt and the mission auction. Later that summer, she won some fabric in a quilting contest and donated part of it to me to use for another quilt for missions! The fabrics are Moda fabrics from the Simply Colorful II line. I received the green and purple fat quarters from Ann and the planning began!

 I decided to involve the church youth again and traced some shapes onto white fabric for the Zentangle. The youth selected the shape they wanted to work with and completed the Zentangle with scripture references. Their enthusiasm for the project had increased since last year. I think that is because they had a better understanding of how their drawings would be part of the finished quilt.

I selected the Ohio Star as the quilt block. I cut pieces for each block and made kits. Each kit contained one purple fabric, one green fabric, and a completed Zentangle to use as the center. I went to the monthly meeting of The Scarlet Thread Sewing Ministry and the quilters assembled the blocks in one day! I had 30 completed blocks when I left the meeting!

Next, I sewed the 30 blocks together. At this time, I had to order more fabrics to complete the borders, back, and binding. I was able to order fabrics from the same Moda line. I did have to do a little piecing on the back and binding. The end result did not suffer from the piecework that was necessary!

I made a label that included the names of all of the contributors and included it as part of the back. My friend, Pat, did the quilting and my friend, Terry, did the hand sewing to complete the binding.

The quilt was auctioned off recently and sold for $820. This money will go to the Lottie Moon Christmas Fund which supports missionaries through the International Mission Board. Just like last year, the party who bought it gifted it to the person that he outbid!

As Jayne mentioned in a previous post, I like to scrapbook. Above are photos of two scrapbook pages that tell the story of this quilt.

Thanks, Pam! Below are more pictures from this summer.

In the summer, when I first saw this quilt, I was so taken with the wonderful colors. As I study it now, I am still very interested in seeing if I can find similar colors to do my own raspberry and green quilt! I love the combination!

Awesome project, Pam. This is a wonderful way to bring many hands together for a common cause. I love that you are so willing to share this with me! And I love you, too! *grin*

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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