Saturday, November 4, 2017

November's UFO

Just two UFOs remain in this year's UFO challenge. I have all the big ones - aka complex ones - checked off the list and just have two super easy ones left to do. Yay!

The Dusty Trails - my name - is a made-up-out-of-my-head project using some reproduction fabrics that I bought perhaps 20 years ago. I kid you not. I saw a pretty display quilt in a store in Portsmouth, OH, and bought fat quarters of the fabrics. Having no pattern, I came up with 3" HSTs and sewed them together in random fashion to make the traditional Broken Dishes block.

What I made so very many years ago is what you see above. It measures 18.5" square, and consists of 9 Broken Dishes blocks. I am not very satisfied with how well my intersections look, so while I watch the Buckeyes this afternoon, I am going to "unsew" this part. This will also allow me to distribute colors better after all the rest of the blocks are made.

 I have spent a good portion of the last day or so cutting out all the fabric I'd pulled for this. I found lots in my stash that will work with this projects, and since it's a creation of my own, it will be whatever size all of this ends up making - probably a nice throw, I imagine.

Some of you more seasoned quilters out there may recognize some of these old fabrics. I am sure the newest piece in this bunch is past 10 years by now. Old, or very, very old, I still like 'em, so I'm gonna' use 'em.

I look forward to getting this UFO checked off my list. And since the very last UFO for the year is also an easy one, I am very seriously considering attempting to do it this month, too. Then my December will be free for NEW projects! I am very much interested in new stuff, as this year's focus on UFOs has gotten really tiresome lately.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Good for you! What an accomplishment! It is great to look back at our skills and see how far we have come! Broken dishes is one of my favorite tradional patterns. Still on my list but no new starts for me unless my current project gets finished. Happy stitching and good luck with your goal.


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