Monday, November 6, 2017

Sampling Something New

As is typical for me, when I get a big project done, I am left feeling a bit overwhelmed making a decision for what's next. Instead of pulling out a biggie, I often go for a little bit of "play" - that's what I have been doing with those Scrappy Stars. Well, now perhaps, Blockheads is another one of those. These are fun.

Absolutely - NO, NO, NO! -  I do NOT plan to make Blockheads my main focus, but I admit I have been saving each pattern that's been released over this past year. Moda Blockheads is a weekly 6.5" (unfinished) block released by several of Moda's biggest-name designers. I probably wouldn't have even printed off all the patterns had I not seen the blocks made by Betsy Chutchian, Lisa Bongean, Carrie Nelson, I am a sucker for their work, and the blocks they have been sharing are spectacular. You can see the blocks made by these quilting rock stars by checking their blogs.

Above, you see my stack of patterns. Trust me, these are all traditional blocks that I could probably find in any number of quilt books or magazines here in my sewing room, but these seemed worthwhile to print off. 

I selected a random block to make - just a bit of a diversion, mind you! - and wouldn't you know it involves a strange technique called "layered patchwork." This means that the triangles are sewn onto the background fabric with the raw edges exposed. Yeah, I was  unfamiliar with this, too, but I did as the instructions said, and below is my result.

While it looks fine, it is not made correctly. The 4 little brown triangles in the center are supposed to touch on all 4 sides; mine do not. I am going to leave it as is since it was my first-ever attempt at "layered patchwork."

I read further about Blockheads - they have a Facebook group - and discovered that an alternate set of directions for this block is available in the traditional piecing method. Yes, I made a second one in the traditional way, and I am much more pleased with the results.

Nice, well-behaved center bock with all the triangles positioned as expected. I like it.

I will continue to print off all the Blockheads patterns as they are released, and save them for "someday." I must, however, put the playing aside as I have a few goals for this month. Up next for me is to work on three main things: 1. November's UFO, Dusty Trails; 2. quilt the baby quilt for Donnie and Elisa; 3. get back to Emma's wall hanging and finish it.

I have classes this afternoon, so I must say "Toodle-oo!" Tomorrow is a full day of sewing at Terry's and on Friday, I get another full day as it is our annual Veteran's Day sewing event with Frienzie Sherrie. This is promising to be quite the productive week!!  Yay!

I'm linking with Beth's Monday Making linky party.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Hi Jayne wow such beautiful blocks,well done you are very clever,hope you have a lovely day xx

  2. I like your traditional version better too. It's always challenging after you finish off a big project to move on to the next thing. Doing something small is a great plan.


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