Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Veterans' Day Sewing

A couple of days ago I shared the black and white wall hanging I made last Friday at Sherrie's annual event. I also promised to bring you a compilation of what all the other girls worked on, so let's get going! These are unedited photos, so we are looking at projects, not stunning photography, okay? (If you are a regular follower, then you already know not to have that expectation.) *smile*

Sherrie invited her friend and neighbor to join us for the day. Rose Ann worked on a Block O quilt. She claims she is a new quilter, but look how fantastic her blocks have turned out! Everything matched, which is a feat even for a seasoned quilter. Good job, and welcome to our annual event, Rose Ann.

Linda worked on a patriotic quilt that looks very involved. She had a cloth stretched across the floor and placed all her pieces in order so that the star points would match the correct center. Whew! From the second picture, you can clearly see that her organization paid off. This will be a stunning quilt.

Frienzie Susan came early and was already sewing when I arrived. She is our newest retiree, so perhaps her life is settled enough now that she can do more sewing. Her preferred hobby is scrapbooking. But I digress! This table runner will be given to her daughter who has Fiesta dinnerware. What a great look this will be with all those fabulous colors.

Pam is another Frienzie who probably prefers scrapbooking, but she has really taken to quilting more and more in recent years. I just love this Carpenter's Star that she made. It is a nice big block that will be a gorgeous wall hanging, or possibly a table topper.

I really love this block. It has a look similar to the Swoon block I made back in the summer, but this seems a lot simpler to construct. And it loses none of that fantastic impact in being a simpler block - that is a big win-win, if you ask me.

Frienzie Kay came late, did not sew, but she did bring two quilts that she worked on and finished while on a recent sewing getaway to Sanibel, Florida, with a fun group of ladies. Look at these two stunners.

Finally, we will take a look at what our gracious hostess worked on. Frienzie Sherrie had grandson Camden on her mind as she worked on this fun Disney-themed quilt. Every one of us remarked on the unusual color of blue in this fabric, and Sherrie said that is what drew her to it when she bought it.

This is a close-up of just one block.  Nice big squares making up an easy 9-patch block - one of the fastest and easiest! Perfect for getting a lot done in a single day, for sure.

Above is the result of Sherrie's day of work. I don't think I heard whether she is going to use sashing strips in this or not. I see she has some gray and white stretched underneath there. Either color would work well with these blocks.

And that wraps up another year of sewing with Sherrie on Veterans' Day. We ate good food, shared lots of laughs, caught up with one another, met a new friend, and made pretty things. That sound like a really great day, doesn't it? It was. The only thing lacking was that a couple of our Frienzies could not be with us, as they had scheduling conflicts. Lyn came, but did not sew. Hettie and Sharon had other obligations.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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