Sunday, November 12, 2017

Embroidery Stitching

That title may throw a few of you off, as I can't think of one time on this blog that I have written about doing embroidery. Well, that changed yesterday when I acted on a whim and made a mini quilt to display for Thanksgiving.

I saw this little darling at Terry's while we sewed there last Tuesday; she always does such a great job of decorating for the seasons and holidays. I was so enamored with this particular mini-quilt; knew I could make something similar for myself.

And I did.

All these fabrics have been in my fat quarter drawers for years - I mean, like over 20. It still feels good to use these stash fabrics. Some quilters get tired of the stuff they bought so long ago; not me. I am glad to be putting them to use.

Since I was making this up from the picture I took, I really had no idea what size to make the blocks, so I randomly made 3" squares and HSTs. I made lots more than needed for one mini, but I might make a couple of extras. Who knows how those might come in handy, right?

This is my first embroidery in - oh, how long - 30 years? I did counted cross stitch way back in the day, well before I dove into quilting. The last letter will get finished off later today.

I am linking with Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching. She has some interesting observations about good lighting for hand work, and a bonus! A clip of music featuring James Taylor!

Have a great Sunday, y'all!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Very cute indeed! I love embroidery used along with piecing! Wish I had more minutes to fit some smaller projects in my schedule. You are wise to just to take the time to do it!

  2. That is indeed cute and I am in awe of you just jumping in and doing it. I would definitely be overthinking and analyzing, hunting up a pattern, and generally making too much work of such a simple project.

  3. Very pretty finish...especially for someone who has done embroidery for a long time...well done!


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