Wednesday, March 30, 2016

About That Cutting Frenzy...

The last post I wrote before the week-long hiatus, was about this fabulous cutting frenzy I was in. I'd cut out 16 blocks to make a scrappy star quilt to be prepared for our upcoming sew-along at the Canter's Cave retreat. Have a click-back to read about it. I was so pleased with the variety of all my blocks and the clever way in which I organized them in that flat box.

When I went to quilting on Friday morning to meet the Frankfort girls, I learned that 'Best of All' was not the quilt we were doing together for the sew-along. Geesh. I'd cut out the wrong quilt.

That's what I get for feeling proud of myself. (Pride goeth before the fall?) When I thought I was getting ahead in cutting, I was actually devoting valuable time to a quilt that we aren't making. Oh, goodness.

The quilt we are making, I was informed, is a Kim Diehl quilt called 'All In A Row.' It is a wonderful churn dash quilt, using very similar scrappy fabrics as 'Best Of All.' Jan had given me the pattern, and I vaguely recalled where I'd put it - where I'd remember, of course. I dug it out yesterday. It will take a lot of time to cut out, so I'd best get started on it. I do want to make it, and I do think a sew-along with the girls will be fun.

The photo above, a bit fuzzy, was taken from the Martingale website where the pattern is available for download. (I hope they don't mind my using it. I will be making their pattern, so I hope it's okay to use the picture.) My print-off is also fuzzy, so I'd hoped to find a clearer image.

Why will it take me forever to cut out? The directions say to cut out each of the center 9-patches individually - as in 1.5" squares of all that variety of scrappiness - a time-consuming endeavor, for sure. 

This major cutting mistake was another of those "episodes" mentioned in yesterday's post which interfered with posting to the blog. It is a lot more fun to write about good stuff than it is to write about mistakes. And now you are beginning to see a fuller picture of the week. A setback like this tends to put me in "shut-down" mode. I just stop. No going back to the sewing room; no getting right back to work with the correct project. I couldn't think about it for a few days. And with Easter and the arrival of house guests and then that awful dogbite, I was stymied.

But it appears I've returned with new resolve. I have a couple more catching-up posts to write about, so I hope you will join me back here tomorrow!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Oh bother, is what I'm sure you said when you found out you'd cut the wrong quilt.

  2. That does sound like a rough week. I do that 'shut down' thing too when I'm overwhelmed. Guess you will have to eventually make the star quilt --- or sell it as a kit? Didn't know about the dog bite - wow - gotta go back and catch up. I sprinkle you with borrowed fairy dust for a more charming week ahead.

  3. Oh boy. On the good side, you'll have pieces ready to be assembled into a top for when you're in the mood for a quick project.

  4. I know exaxctly what you mean about it taking a while to get back to something after a set-back. Don't be too hard on yourself, really sounds like you have your hands full at present :-}


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