Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Claudia and Denise Checking In

Since I have been in total hostess mode for the past several weeks, and practically zero significant sewing has occurred around here, I thought today might be a good day to share the productivity of my friends Claudia and Denise. Both have been in touch with me recently, and they continue to be brilliantly productive.

Denise has a penchant for making quilts with small pieces. She tells me this is a result of refusing to be wasteful of fabric. She keeps bits and bobs that many would throw away and puts them to use in some incredible creations. Here are two pictures illustrating this philosophy - definitely a beauty in the making! This WIP (work in progress) is going to be spectacular.

I like that these pictures include the hem gauge. I count eight tiny pieces of scrap fabric sewn together to make that 2.5-inch unit. These are then used as the sides of this Churn Dash block.

The result will be a wonderfully scrappy quilt. Even the corner units and the center unit are made up of scraps. The more I study it, the more I am inspired to make some use of my own scraps. I hope Denise will send pictorial updates as she finishes this quilt. Click here to see a post featuring (among other things) a scrappy quilt that Denise made earlier this year.

Claudia shared some recently finished projects with me. She sent these photos of her increasingly skilled workmanship. The tote bag in the first two pictures is quite impressive. Her quilting has gotten better and better, proving the age-old theory 'practice makes perfect.'

This throw required much less detailed skill, but I have to give Claudia props for trying a project involving fleece; that's a challenge not just everyone is up for.

This last picture is a tasseled table runner, which would be simple to construct. The challenge would be the finishing, in my opinion. It looks like the edges are folded under, matched to the back, and then stitched.

That same link also includes previous work from Claudia, so click it to have a look.

How was your Christmas? We had quite a houseful here yesterday, and - like always - had more food than we could possibly want. My fridge is stuffed with leftovers. Come over! We could feed you well!

The best part was having loved ones near. My 82-year-old mother was here, and 3 of my 4 siblings, too. Only one of our 3 kids attended, but we had nieces, nephews, and in-laws aplenty. We had a couple of rousing games of Bingo and some gifting, as well. My brother Mark was a Christmas baby 58 years ago, so we always celebrate his birthday, too. So much good cheer - I just didn't want it to end! Everyone was headed home by 6pm; DH and I enjoyed a quiet Christmas night here together.

I am thinking about doing some stitching today...wouldn't that be refreshing!?

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I can't imagine a large Christmas. My mother and father were each the only child in the family - very unusual for those born in 1919 and 1920. My paternal grandfather hailed from England by himself when he was 18. My paternal grandmother's sister always lived with those grandparents and they were the only remaining close (in age and proximity) remaining. My mother's parents were the only relatives on her side that I ever knew. I had two older brothers who choose to have no relationship with me and besides they live 1,000 away. I never hear from them on any holiday or birthday. I have two children. One lives in NM and on in AR. My daughter in NM never comes home. My son did come with his fiancee and his two children for a short visit. It was nice that my son came and the excitement of his 5 year old daughter was just that magical essence that children have. His son is 13 and is still excited about the gifts. Jessica is just excited about the whole ordeal even though she was fighting a cold. Christmas is very magical. I'm thrilled that you still have your mother and had Christmas magic.


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