Monday, February 11, 2019

Frankfort Girls

It's been a long while since I last brought you any news from my sweet quilting group The Frankfort Girls.

We met at Terry's on Friday morning and were welcomed to a table laden with delicious muffins and coffee cake. I'm sure you're noticing that cute table topper, too. Fits perfectly with Terry's country farmhouse décor.

Jan shared a "honeybee" finish but I was in no position to get a picture of it. (sorry Jan!) Sheryll had two flimsies which I could easily photograph. They are beauties!

Aren't these gorgeous?! I believe Sheryll said that the oak leaf applique is a very old UFO. The two-color stars are, too, if memory serves, and gosh I love that one! I have a definite soft spot for blue and white quilts, and this is absolutely spectacular. Lovely.

In recent weeks/months I have taken pictures of finishes that have gone unshared, and while I don't begin to try to share everything these girls make, I do try to highlight a few. If you don't mind, I will backtrack a bit and play catch-up with just a few more pictures.

This beautiful creation is by Becky and will hang (or maybe it already has) in a LQS as a sample.

Helen made this table runner which is perfect for the wintery weather we are having.

This quilt by Terry is from several months back (I can tell because of the shirt sleeves). She called this the Doug Leko quilt; he's a quilt designer and author, so those familiar with him will likely recognize it.

Today, I am hoping to finish off the unplanned 9-patch quilt I shared in the last post. I got as far as chain piecing the top together in one direction; today I will tackle the other direction. It is already pinned, so shouldn't take long. Then I will think about borders. Hmmmm...

Have a great Monday!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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