Friday, February 1, 2019

Welcome February!

The photo above is taken from across our driveway near our woods. We had a good amount of snow through January, and now February has arrived in her snowy garb this morning.

Plans for the month? Yes, I have a few. Continue working to clean, purge and organize in the quilting room is at the top of the list. I have made good, steady progress, but I am so daggone slow. Let's just say I'm being thorough, and leave it at that, shall we? *wink*

Several other projects are sitting on the horizon, so it's really just a matter of deciding which I choose first.

Before we visit those February plans, let me first tuck January away with a quick review of the highlights of the month. Some of these were covered here on the blog, others fall into that "etcetera" category I created mid-month.

TOP ROW: The first pic is from our New Year's Eve party with our dear friends the Schmidts and Everharts. We have rung in about 25 new years together, and I don't see this tradition ending any time soon. The middle picture is from a visit my sister and I paid to my great-aunt Nina. She was celebrating her 90th birthday on the 2nd, and we surprised her with a visit and some flowers. The final picture introduces you to Mike, my mother's new kitten. He is feisty and ornery and inquisitive and cute as a button. And growing like a weed!

MIDDLE ROW: My first quilt top of the new year is my Memoire A Paris 9-Patch, which I stitched up super fast the first week of the month. In the middle, my long shadow cast on the bike trail where we did a good amount of walking/jogging before the weather turned frigid. There were some very pleasant days in early January and we logged around 50 miles. The third picture is of DS Adam and his dog Steve. We were very near to having Steve put down in mid-January, but the old boy has bounced back and while we know that sad day is coming soon, he's currently napping comfortably and getting special attention in his declining old age.

BOTTOM ROW: The snowfall I alluded to earlier made for some very pretty scenes around our house. I ventured out to snap some shots from various locations around the property, this being one of them. In the middle is Moda Love, the fast layer cake quilt I made earlier this week. And last, the blocks I have made from my Quilter's Planner sewalong called Hexie Snowflake. I hadn't put away the Memoire A Paris fabric from early in the month, so on an impulse, I just started making these blocks. I think they are pretty, so I suspect that will continue.

Let's have a great February!
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Looks January was a very full month. I hope February brings you lots of opportunities to sew and spend time with family and friends.
    We had a significant fall of snow on 1st Feb - it does look beautiful.

  2. February is a love month and this jaynes quilting room blog is nice, Thank you for sharing this with us.


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