Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Free 18" Block Pattern

Yesterday, I came across something kinda' cool as I surfed Instagram. Apparently, "Moda All-stars," aka several top fabric designers, each have created an 18" block in which they feature their newest line of fabrics. Here is what I saw on IG.

And the cool part?? They are free!! Here is a link to Moda's blog. Moda is doing a whole series of these 18-inch blocks, calling it ICMT - I Can Make That! Clever. Click this link for the first post of the series.

I have followed Sherri McConnell at her blog A Quilting Life for many years - almost since I first discovered quilting blogs. Here is the link to her post about this free 18" block and the fabric line she is featuring.

Always on the lookout for free patterns, I clicked right away to check 'em out. The block by Sherri and her daughter Chelsi Stratton is called Harper's Garden. I have been interested in adding to my fall décor, and while the original is in spring-themed colors, I could easily see a fall version.

So I zipped up to the quilting room and got started straight away. In less than an hour, I had the block finished - and that includes the time I mulled over fabric options! I'm notoriously slow in this process, and selecting from the stash just the right grouping of fabrics takes some time!

Since the time for fall décor is NOW, I figured I ought to keep going and quilt this little darling. So I dug around in the stash for a suitable backing, and also for some scraps of batting. Before long I had the block sandwiched, then quilted, then bound! That binding was in my scrap box of leftover bindings. It was as if this table topper was meant to be!

It was too dark last night to take decent pictures of it on my kitchen table, so here are some morning shots of it. Looks pretty spiffy, right?

I know I have two other recent starts cluttering up the workspace. Why do you start on yet another project? I can hear some of you asking me that. Well, like I said in the last post, I love - LOVE - new projects. The finishing can be dicey, but starting new things, oh, that is wonderful! Crazy, yes, but that's how I roll.

Those two other projects - the Kaffe Fassett Diagonal Madness and the French General Jelly Roll - are still very much on the immediate agenda. Additionally, I am spending time dismantling the center bedroom to make way for the long arm. A lot going on around here!

Hope you all are enjoying your last few days of September! These days have been beautiful here in my southern Ohio world.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Ooh a long arm, Jayne! Awesome. Meanwhile, what a beauty of a block you whipped up there and perfect for fall too. Thanks so much for the link. Maybe this is the kind of thing I need to do to practices piecing skills. Happy Stitching!

  2. I love the spontaneity of your project! How lovely to have it finished and ready to use within a few short hours! :-)I t would definitely class as a Dreami (Drop everything and make it) over at Musings of Menopausal Melon!


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