Saturday, August 6, 2022

Basic Blocks - 9-Patches

My last two posts dealt with my August plans, yet as the saying goes about the best laid plans, sometimes we don't get to be in charge of our plans. This darn virus has put a serious crimp in my quilting, dangit!

When I last checked in, I was all eager to begin some basic 9-patch sewing on two different quilts. First, the pretty pink floral. There are no major decisions being made on this, except for when will I stop and know I have enough of the lighter pink for making all the setting blocks. 

Terribly lit picture, but it shows a basic idea of how I plan to put this quilt together. My current plan is to use the darker pink to make the side and corner triangles, thus giving it a built-in border. I ought to be able to get this made quickly.

Now this blue polka dot/floral print quilt has required a bit more effort - brain effort, that is. My original idea was to use only the blue dot with the print fabrics. In the photo below, the right half of the picture illustrates that look. I fear that continuing with this plan will result in the blue dot completely over-powering the florals - and I want those pretty fabrics to shine more than they appear to in this small mock-up.

I modified my plan by making a few 9-patches with white, which are on the left half of the photo. The florals do get to do more work, and I am not opposed to this option.

I went one step further, though, and made 4 HSTs of the blue dot and white. Maybe this will be the way I end up going?? I am in no shape to make a decision yet (covid brain), so I will marinate in this for awhile.

Never before have I ever thought I needed to invest in an expensive computer program for quilt designing. I enjoy this "figuring out" stuff, and I usually come out okay. With only X-amount of fabrics, though, maybe actually using a pattern would work for me here. 

Nah. I'm an old dog, and not interested in learning that new trick! Hah!

Catch ya' later, dear readers! Time for another nap. Covid has made me really good at napping.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Sorry to hear you are fighting Covid. (I am behind in my blog reading.) I love the 9-patch with white and would use them with the blue dot alternate square. I would keep the 9-patch/blue dot blocks to go all around the quilt in a framed way. But that's just my two pence. Get well soon. ;^)

  2. Try flipping the blue and white half square triangle block, Blue with white 9 patch and white with blue 9 patch


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