Tuesday, August 9, 2022

On Point - Pink 9-Patch

For anyone out there who might be thinking that making a quilt is just too hard, I beg to differ. The ease with which one can make a 9-patch quilt is simply perfect for even the most reluctant of beginners. I am so pleased with how this baby girl quilt turned out, and it was beginner-level basic.

This crib-size quilt measures 51" x 43" and I have enough of the lighter fabric remaining to serve as my backing. I am so pleased with the results. Using the darker pink as side and corner triangles provides a great border, and keeps the quilt simple and sweet - which is the look I desired.

I bought the fabric in April at the Nelsonville, OH, quilt shop, Mae-Lynne Makers. Creating a baby quilt for the grandbaby we are expecting in October has always been the goal, and now I am one step closer to having it completed. 

Taking this little lovely outside gives it an entirely different look as the colors read more true in the natural light.

The fabric is Hudson by Whistler Studios/Windham Fabrics. I knew the minute I saw them in the shop that I wanted to make a quilt with these two complimentary fabrics. The result is exactly to my liking.

DH and I have put the big, bad virus behind us, and we are back to good health. Maybe now I can begin to be a bit more productive for a change!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I am glad you are both feeling better. That is a really sweet quilt. I am amazed you were able to make it while you weren't feeling well.


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