Monday, August 15, 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching

Binding a quilt by hand is a task that many a quilter considers to be one of the worst parts of the quilt-making process. Not I! This step, while I don't do it by hand every time, is one I enjoy doing by hand when the situation warrants it.

I took this Amy Butler quilt off the Tin Lizzie on Thursday (click here to see), and needed a hand project to take to Helen's on Friday. Just like that in a split second, I decided to finish this quilt the old-fashioned way. By hand.

I've probably told this little tale before, but indulge me while I recall it again. Grandma, maker of many dozens of quilts in her 98 years, admitted to me at some point that she really didn't enjoy binding. Naturally, she would never have done this task by machine; so all those many dozens were done by hand. In later years, I bound a few of her quilts for her, since I didn't mind binding by hand. She quilted so many quilts for me; it seemed a more-than-fair trade off.

So, on Friday morning with the Frankfort Girls at Helen's house, I did about half of this quilt. Today, in a few odd moments, I did a bit more. It won't take me long to finish it off.

I will join Kathy's party today as she celebrates Slow Stitching. Each week I find that more and more sewists are sharing embroidery and cross-stitch. Years ago, I did a fair amount of cross-stitch, and I have several embroidery UFOs buried around the quilting room. The projects in this week's linky party are quite inspiring.

Have a great week, dear readers. I will be off to a 4-day retreat today. Hopefully, lots of progress on some really fun projects are in my future.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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  1. Have a wonderful retreat. I quite enjoy hand stitching the binding down, many quilters do, and many don't it seems.


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