Wednesday, August 3, 2022

August Plans - Part 2

Yesterday I itemized a few quilts that I hope to quilt on the long arm machine this month. Today my plan is to do the same with new quilts I hope to start. 

New starts! The very best part!!

This set of fabrics has captivated me for awhile now, and I think I will use the large yardage of blue polka dot as the background fabric for 9-patches made with the prints. I hope it turns out as pretty as I envision. I have had great ideas before that didn't work out as beautifully as I'd hoped, so we shall see.

Another quilt I want to make is that pine tree quilt. I still have not determined exactly which type of tree I want - the traditional block with all the triangles, or the more easily constructed one with positive/negative trees. This one is the more traditional-style block.

This one is probably easier to make, and definitely has lots of appeal. So I do not yet know which one I will go with. Perhaps there is yet another option out there that I haven't yet found.

Oh, yes, I have more ideas. One of my goals for this year was to make Lil' Orphan Scrappy by Lynn Wilder. I have her pattern, and I have decided to use my stash of William Morris fabrics for this quilt. This might be what I take to work on at our mini-quilt retreat later this month. If I have all the cutting done, I can sew-sew-sew and - hopefully - make a lot of progress.   


Back in June while on our western vacation, I bought this set of fabrics and I would love to find a quilt  pattern for it. I sorta' envision a star of some sort. I've spent a lot of the afternoon looking at patterns. Some good ideas are taking shape, so stay tuned.

This green floral has been in my plans for awhile, and I think I will make a snowball/9-patch. I tried with a different green floral, and got my 9-patches reversed, so I lost the effect I'd hoped to achieve. See this post for that earlier quilt.

This two-fabric grouping of pink flowery gorgeousness is special - I plan to make something for that new granddaughter we are expecting in October! I might go the 9-patch route, or I might go the churn dash route, or I might do something completely different. We shall see.

Finally, at the quilt show last Friday, I bought a bundle of 3 1-yard fabrics ready to be used in the Easy Does It 3-yard quilts that seem to be all the rage right now. All the Frankfort Girls have different books  - thanks to Jan! - and so I will come up with some sweet and easy quilt to whip up fast as can be. Note, please, that pink is again represented! *smile*

So I do have some direction for the month ahead. First, though, I have to get over this dreaded bug - yes, THE dreaded bug. Not feeling too awful, but yucky enough that I don't feel much like doing anything. 

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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  1. I love the three yard quilts, they are so much fun! I hope you feel better soon, I actually just finished that bug up (for the second time, boo)!


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