Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Conquering Log Cabins!

I did it! I am victorious in the battle with wonky log cabin blocks! Around 10 last night I finished off the last of the 32 traditional log cabins; this morning I made the 4 all-dark log cabins which will be the 4 corners of the border.

On the left is the stack of all-dark corner blocks; on the right is the stack of traditional log cabins.

I've pinned together the top and bottom borders, and will head back up to the sewing room shortly to begin stitching them.

I'm really pumped to get this quilt finished. FYI/reminder: it's called Dressmaker's Quilt by Terry Clothier Thompson.

I had a guest in the sewing room this morning.

Is anyone surprised to learn that Gracie, the family cat, likes fabric? If I leave a drawer open, she inevitably jumps into it. Smart kitty!

Well, wouldn't you jump into a drawer full of fabric if you could???

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  1. Wow! You were a machine on making the LC blocks. I love them!! Its going to be a great quilt!


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