Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Final Distractions

It was a 3-day weekend, and I've only shared through Sunday the many distractions that prevented my getting any sewing/quilting done all weekend long.

So we have Monday's activity. After the careful planning of my sister Carol, all the women in my immediate family met for lunch at Red Lobster.

Women from four generations of my family are pictured here. My 94-year-old grandmother, my mother, my sisters Sandy and Carol, along with me, Sandy's daughter Abby, and my daughter Emma. (my other daughter, Erin, again, of stolen car fame) was unable to return to southern Ohio for lunch.

We did this at Christmas time of 2009, at Olive Garden. Here is the picture commemorating that event. Erin was present for this one; Emma was not. Maybe next year, both my girls will be able to participate.

Aren't I lucky to still have my Grandma??? This is the same grandma who was a quilter. She never owned a mat or rotary cutter. All her quilts were made by tracing templates onto fabric and cutting out individual pieces. And she hand-quilted every one, too. She stopped making quilts about 3 years ago. She says she's just not interested anymore. It hurts her back to sit at a quilting frame. Believe it or not, she just about used up all the fabric she ever had. I would say there's not much more than a box of fabric remaining in her closet.

And, finally, this coming Thursday is book club night, so I have to get my book read! I've barely started it! Fortunately, it's pretty easy reading, and an enjoyable story, so I think I will be okay.

Quilting will wait a few more days...

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