Sunday, February 13, 2011

Doing Some Catching Up

Having started off the new year with intentions of doing a better job of staying current on my projects, I needed to get back on track with the Civil War blocks I'm making with Barbara Brackman's project-Civil War Quilt. I did really great with her first 2 blocks, then she threw that appliqued block in there called Seven Sisters, and my work came to a screeching halt. There have been 4 blocks since that appliqued block, and I hadn't done any of them either!!!

Well, yesterday I remedied that little situation and finished off 3 of those blocks. If time permits, today I will get busy on the remaining non-applique block and be caught up. I am still deciding what to do about the applique.

This is called Richmond Star (Block 6), and it was really fun to make. I should have taken more time to photograph it, but take my word for it, it's a sweet block.

This is called Kansas Troubles (block 5). I've always wanted to make one of these blocks, but was intimidated by the tiny sawtooth triangles. Yes, they are tiny, but when doing just one block, it's not nearly so daunting a task. I was a bit off in getting my center to match up points to point, but I am leaving it. I restitched once, with no visible improvement, so we're calling it a done deal.

And here's a log cabin (Block 7) - I'm getting to be a pro with these!! (Go back about to see my whining about this!) This particular block used much wider strips (1 7/8-inch) and therefore, fewer strips. It was fun to do. My light side is still pretty dark, but I was going for a look that said "old," so I think this works for me.

The block I  have left to do (if I don't include the applique) is called Texas Tears. Hopefully I will be getting to that today - crossing my fingers! Here is a picture from Brackman's blog:

The quilt-along project is quite fun. Brackman puts up a new block each Saturday. A week per block is a very comfortable pace, actually. In addition, she includes an extensive history on the block, it's significance and accompanying pictures from the Civil War period. Being something of a history buff, I love this aspect of the project. Brackman's thorough treatment of the blocks as well as the time period is really quite satisfying for this history lover!

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