Monday, February 21, 2011

Stepping Stones and Stolen Cars

Well, it took me long enough, but I finally finished attaching the borders to my Stars and Stepping Stones quilt. Here it is spread on the guest room bed. It's night, and the light is insufficient - sorry!

I had truly planned to have the quilt top finished last Wednesday or Thursday, but some days just have too many demands outside of the sewing room. Some of those demands are regular, everyday things like grocery shopping, preparing meals, running the sweeper, and so on.

Then there comes that phone call out of the blue that you just never, in a million years, expect.

DD Erin, who lives and works in Columbus, called on Thursday evening while I was preparing supper (spaghetti alla carbonara). She sounded really odd, and just like a mom, I knew something was wrong. Her car had been stolen! Aaaah! I know! What can a mom do when she's standing in a kitchen an hour away with a spaghetti strainer in her hand?

I drove to Columbus on Friday afternoon to pick her up from work. She had gotten a call during her lunch break from the CPD informing her that her car had been recovered and she could pick it up at the city's impound lot. So that's where we went next. Here's the shape in which we found her car:

The driver's side door had been pried open.

The grille had been removed. and that's the ground showing through the opening.

The license tags had been stolen, and a cavernous void stares out from where the engine should be.

This is just a part of the distractions that interferred with sewing these past few days. Fortunately, this one was the worst of them, too. And you know, this was not at all bad...our family has a good habit of seeing the glass half full - we are optimists. So many far worse things could have happened. A car is simply a possession. She (and we, her parents) are somewhat inconvenienced, but it can all be fixed. She can get another car; she walks to her office; there are friends nearby who can fetch her to and fro, if necessary.

In tomorrow's post, I will share some of the other distractions of this past weekend. And they are really happy distractions, too!

Happy Quilting!


  1. First off...beautiful quilt. Second...bummer about the stolen car. My husband's boss had his car stolen from the parking garage of a very large company in Columbus...with security cameras. Mean people suck.

  2. Oh Ouch! I hope her insurance steps up to the bat...sadly, often they are only your friend when it's pay them time.

    Great quilt, good job!


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