Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Brings Us Ice!

Hello, February!! Geezo-Pete! We awoke to a gray, dreary day that brought a "no-school" call for my husband and daughter. It remained foggy all day, and the ice accumulated. We are in southern Ohio, and our friends in the northern regions of our great state are experiencing much worse conditions than we are. And our neighboring states, too, for that matter.

Well, we quilters have a remedy for days like this, don't we???

I'm about to finish off the log cabin blocks - will probably do so this evening. I took this picture of my new piecing method on these blocks. I have a long strip of a light fabric on the right and the centers of the blocks are all sewn to it and ready to be trimmed down. This is making my log cabin blocks much less wonky, and infinitely more acceptable for use as my border.

Pics tomorrow of the finished log cabins...maybe I will even have begun the stitching together into border strips!!


  1. Glad you figured out what the problem was with the earlier blocks. You're really zipping along with the top now.

  2. That is one good thing about snow and ice- we quilters know what to do to stay busy!

  3. Wow....that ice photo is really lovely and a little scary! DH's family lives in MN (Minneapolis area) and my sis lives in ND so we're used to hearing about the weather. And, we're awfully glad we don't have to experience it! Hope you melt fast and stay warm!


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