Friday, February 18, 2011

Eventide Arrives!

Oooohhh, this was in my mail yesterday! Is there anything more pleasant than presents in the daily mail delivery?? I think not! Look at the tag - a cupcake with a daisy - 3D creativeness!!

Thelma at Cupcakes 'n' Daisies sure makes a pretty package. And what's inside is even prettier!

A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway at Cupcakes 'n' Daisies, and learned last week that I had been the lucky winner! So here is my Eventide pattern by Carrie Nelson. *uber-excitement!!!* It just so happens that I have made several of Miss Rosie's patterns over the years, and really love their looks. This one is getting me pretty excited, I can tell you! If I didn't have several already queued up, I would start on this right away. I am considering, however, moving an item or two down on the list, to make room for inserting this project...hmmm, we'll see.

Thelma is leading a quilt-along group for Eventide. Check it out at this location. Also, Nicole at Sister's Choice Quilts has a nice post today about fabric selection for this quilt.

Thank you, Thelma, for the giveaway! I am so, so appreciative!!


  1. That is a great pattern! Congrats on the win!!

  2. Thelma always does things with such style! You will love this pattern.

  3. That is a great present-ation! Are you going to make the pattern with the group???

  4. I wish I could take credit for that adorable presentation, Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop gets all the credit! It's always a pleasure doing business with them!


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