Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Other Presidents' Weekend Distractions

Continuing the story of why I got so little accomplished in the sewing room this past weekend, I will share the remainder of the weekend's non-quilting activities.

After Frienzies (see previous post), I had to make a dessert for the After Prom Committee fundraiser - a dessert auction being held at the varsity basketball game Saturday night. Then I had to take said dessert to the school, and attend the game (senior night; some of DD Emma's classmates' last game on the MHS court), then we attended a little after party with some close friends who'd been at the game.

On Sunday, we had to take DD Erin (of stolen car fame; see earlier post) back to Columbus. Normally, she wouldn't need to go back before noon, but she had special plans for the afternoon, and we (her parents) were involved. She works for newly elected State of Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel. His communications and PR staff needed pictures of him for websites, brochures and other literature coming out of the Treasurer's office. Family and friends of members of the treasurer's staff were ready for action!

Our state treasurer is a very young man, as you can see, 32, to be exact. He is extraordinarily personable, and exudes confidence. He's surprisingly experienced for his age - he's a military veteran, having served 2 tours in the Middle East, and in addition to getting started in politics in his home town of Lyndhurst, he's served in the Ohio House of Representatives.

I don't think I've pictured myself on this blog yet, so here you go, followers! Josh Mandel, DD Erin, myself, and DH Kevin.

Erin's office is in the Rhodes Tower where, quite to my surprise and delight, a quilt exhibit was on display.

I know absolutely nothing about this exhibit, but I've asked Erin to get me details. I thought this was particularly attractive - and quite large!!

This one was of particular interest to me. The background is, of course, made of neutral Ohio Stars, and the snake represents a state landmark, Serpent Mound, which happens to be right here in Ross County in neighboring Adams County. It's an ancient Indian burial mound. Very cool.


  1. That looks like fun! The bonus was the quilt exhibit!

  2. What a wonderful job your DD has! It must be so exciting and what an amazing young man your state treasurer is. I just love to see young people who are shaping their lives in positive ways. (Nice surprise to see those quilts)!


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