Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun with Frienzies

The Frienzies are a group of women who worked together with me at CHS. The 8 of us had lunch together every day for many years. Then, one by one, we hit retirement. First, Kay, then Sherrie, then we realized that we weren't gettting to see each other as often. So we met for dinner one December about 3 years ago in a local restaurant. We named ourselves the Frienzies as it combines 2 words - friends and frenzy, which most of us felt described the pace of our lives!! It was hard work finding one day each month that everyone would be free to meet for lunch or dinner. We agreed that none of us were so frenzied that we couldn't devote one meal each month to keeping this group together. And so the Frienzies was born! We celebrate whatever needs to be celebrated - birthdays, Christmas, kids' graduations, births of grandbabies, retirements and so on.

In the meantime, Lyn retired, then moi, then Pam. In just a few days, Sharon will join our ranks. That leaves the "young'ns" - Susan and Hettie - among the working.

So our February Frienzie gathering was Saturday at Susan's home; she had prepared a brunch for us followed by an "activity" - her cousin had begun selling cosmetics, and she wanted to do facials on us.

Susan's table was adorable. The food was delicious - muffins, quiche, fresh fruit, and cherry cobbler and ice cream for dessert! YUMM.

Kay had a show and tell - a quilt for her granddaughter which she'd recently had quilted. She and 17-year-old Regan worked together on the piecing process over the course of about 4 years. Now it's quilted and ready to be delivered to Regan later this month. Those fabrics are all batiks, and Regan helped pick them out. I will have to look up the details on the quilt - I know it was on the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting at least 4 years ago.

This is our hostess Susan getting the beauty treatment from her cousin. Next month I will be the hostess and we will be celebrating Sherrie's birthday as well as Sharon's retirement. It will be a fantastic day.

These women are among my dearest friends. They were not only workplace colleagues, but true friends who have shared in some of the highest and lowest points of each other's lives. We truly enjoy the company of one another, and look forward to our Frienzy dates. Girlfriends are one of life's sweetest blessings.

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