Sunday, June 12, 2011

Completed Top - Bento Box

Bento Box is one of the easiest quilt tops I've ever made, and one that is lots of fun to put together. I really enjoyed picking out the purple and gold batiks, and seeing how the various combinations worked. I really love this quilt top.

I now need to figure out what fabric I will use for the backing of this quilt. I've sort of been making this up as I go, and consequently, using the 2.5-inch strips doesn't give me a large piece of fabric for use, so I will have to sift through my stash and see if there's a suitable fabric there.

The pattern does not call for a significant border, just a binding, actually. I think that will be fine. Doesn't this sorta' make your eyes go all goofy??

Remember, when I decided to make this pattern, I had to alter everything - the pattern called for 3" strips, but I intended to use 2.5" strips from two Bali-Pops packs. I had to supplement with additional fabrics, as there were not enough purple and golds for the quilt I wanted to make. It was easy enough to adjust the measurements.

Emma, recent high school grad, asked for a quilt in her high school colors, purple and gold. I've worked on it for about 3 weeks, with a week off when we were prepping for the graduation party. I put the rows together yesterday.  So glad for another finish!!


  1. Love the Purple & Gold! Go Tigers!

  2. I bet she loves it, but yes, it did sort of make my eyes go funny, now you mention it.

  3. Its terrific Jayne! I'm sure your daughter will love it.

  4. There really aren't a lot of purple and gold fabrics out there in comparison to a lot of other color groups, so you did great coming up with this combination.


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