Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quilt Camp ~ Day 3

I've been trying to get this post up for a bit . . . seems blogger is having issues with loading pics. So here we go . . .

Yes, dear quilters, we are going strong at quilt camp and getting some finishes under our belts! In yesterday's post, I completely forgot to mention Pat's progress. She is so quiet and works so steadily. And she has really created a beauty! When we got in this morning, I took this picture of where she started today.

These are piano key borders for the blue and brown quilt she was finishing up on Monday. She spent some time figuring out how she wanted her corners to look (mitred or corner blocks?), and with the help of her daughter Sherrie, she ended the day with this lovely quilt.

I like how she did her corners, too. I think the piano key border is just perfect. The pattern is called Disappearing 9-Patch.

In other quilting action, Sherrie, daughter of Pat, continues to work on the nursery items for the anxiously anticipated new baby. Today, finishing the changing pad cover, making a play pen pad cover, and making toys.

Pink flowers, above, play pen sheet; white daisies on blue, changing pad cover.

This is to become an ear for a plush toy elephant; tiny pattern!

Here is said elephant, under construction. See the ears??

Sherrie's making these two patterns; sorry they are sideways. I don't think I know how to turn them.

Okay, moving on . . .

Sharon is steadily making progress on the tumbling blocks puzzle. She's actually excited to see it coming together. I imagine there is much satisfaction in making an awesome quilt out of a shopping bag of jumbled, unmarked strips. Trust me when I say that this bag full of strips was as overwhelming as anything I've ever seen in the quilting area.

Susie was back today, spreading her joy as always. She is working on a striking but simple black and white quilt. There will be a large applique for impact on top of these black and white blocks. The pattern shows the applique in green, but I think Susie plans to use a different color - pink, maybe?

Kay continues to get a  lot done. She is helping Mary with the t-shirt quilt of her dad's Relay for Life t-shirts. Here is her progress on it. Mary stopped in with another friend Susan, and gave it a thumbs up!

Also, Kay is putting the final touches on the Scrabble quilt for her cousin's son.

Betty quilted and bound her table topper, and it is ready to be sent off to her DD Becky. Just a darling project and Betty put a lot of TLC into it.

Betty then began working on a batik Trade Winds project. This is the project of choice this week, I do believe, as already we have Lyn and Linda doing their very different-looking versions of this pattern.

Here's Lyn's:

Here's Linda's:

And here is Betty's:

Anita has been busy all week working on quilts for others. This quilt is for hospitalized children. I know she said the organization/charity that she said she was working through, but anyway, she is really making an impact this week. Here is the front:

And here is the back:

And, finally, the update on my efforts on Long Road Home . . . It is finally looking like a quilt, and one that I am liking very much, as I knew I would.

It took me a day and a half to finish these pieced units.

And when I started Day 3 of Quilt Camp, I had this:

And at the end of Day 3, here is where I stand:

It doesn't seem like a lot of progress, at least to me, anyway. I will make an excuse: my dear Bernina doesn't seem to be a happy girl. I think she needs to have a servicing. I've tried to clean and oil her in all her achy spots, but I must be missing something. The top tension just won't sew right, and I'm having some trouble with a clackety noise again. I hope I can get this top put together before I have to head out for the Bernina shop.

I will be missing Day 4 of Quilt Camp. I have a previously arranged commitment in town, and later I'm getting my hair done. Tonight is book club, then I will be back at Quilt Camp for Day 5!


  1. Such fun you must all be having. Outside of family get-togethers, my favorite times are with quilting friends. We absorb energy for each other, we have our questions answered, we get encouragement and inspiration, we relax and create. Quilting retreats or camps or weekends just can't be beat.
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. Apart from machine troubles, don't forget you are spending time taking all these photos for us.


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