Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Played with Kaffe Today

Oh yeah, and it was all the fun that you would imagine it to be!

Up in my sewing room sitting in a rather in-the-way spot between my "thoughtful spot" chair and the ironing board, you'll trip over my very large, too-heavy-to-move stash of Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Behind this large tub sits 2 smaller, more manageable tubs of Kaffe fat quarters and pieces that I've cut.

I have dreamed for years of making the blue quilts - Kaffe Fassett has 2 different blue quilts in 2 different books, and I love them both. Over there on my sidebar I have listed as a 2011 goal to make a Blue Kaffe. Here, see for yourself how irresistable they are:

Blue Portugal is featured in this book:

The other one is Economy Blue:

And it is featured in this book:

I have sighed and dreamed over these 2 quilts ever since I bought these books, however long ago that was. I have definitely outdone myself in the prepping department: I have uber-yards of blue Westminster Fiber fabrics in those tubs I showed you. *grin*

So I pulled it all out today and spread it out on the kitchen table. Feast your eyes on this! Careful, you may swoon, so perhaps you'd better sit down!

A gorgeous sight, isn't it?

So I got right to work and have all the cutting done for Portugal Blue. I plan to get Economy Blue cut out before I call it a day and head to bed. The Tribe is playing out in Arizona, so we'll be up late watching the game. I will cut and listen . . .


  1. All these beautiful blues are a gorgeous sight indeed. Such fun you'll have making the two quilts. Good for you! You pulled 'em and cut 'em!! I'm too chicken to cut even one of my Kaffe fabrics. They don't rival your bonanza, but I have enough that I should actually use them, not just pet them.
    I hope you have plenty of blue thread on hand. You're going to have such FUN with it.

  2. Hi there Jayne, I think you have some fab blues and look forward to seeing the quilt in progress. go girl.

  3. Wow! You do have quite the Kaffe stash. You got both quilts covered!! Woo-Hoo!!


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