Monday, June 6, 2011

Mission Accomplished

 The first big event of our summer is now behind us, and (if I do say so myself) it was a huge success. The graduation party was well attended, we had enough food and beverages for everyone, and we had the chance to visit with loved ones. DH worked mighty hard making our yard and flower beds look great, and he received many compliments. It's always nice when hard work is recognized.

Here are few of shots from the party:

Today, I have most of the food cleaned up and put away, dishes done, tables and chairs returned to their owners, coolers cleaned and trash removed. The tent is still up - I don't know when the rental company plans to come for it. I have some dishes to return to friends and family and some thank yous to write. We had a lot of shredded chicken left over, as well as barbecue wings. Guess what's on our menus this week?

I did get to take a few hours this afternoon to get some sewing done. Back to work on the purple and gold Bento Box for Emma. These are all batiks. Isn't it surprising how many different shades of purple and gold there are? I think Emma will like the look.

Here are most of the blocks laid out on the bed. Tomorrow is sewing with Sharon, and I'd really like to have the top stitched together by day's end. Might as well aim high.

Here's one more pic from yesterday. We had a guest cat - our DD Erin's cat named Rocky. And we had a guest dog - my FIL's dachshund Isabella. Well, look at how they entertained themselves:

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  1. I knew the party would go well. The yard looks so great too. Congrats to Emma!!


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