Monday, June 27, 2011

Quilt Camp ~ Day 5

I'm a bit late in getting this last quilt camp post up. Sorry for the delay.

By all accounts from the  participants, the 2011 quilt camp was a smashing success. We got so much accomplished, and had such great fellowship with one another.

I'll proceed participant by participant, letting you see the projects, finishes and process of each one.

Lyn was most happy Friday afternoon when she announced that she finished every project that she intended to this week.

These are some baby burp cloths. Lyn's just recently had a new granddaughter, and within a few days will have another grandchild, so these will be highly sought after by the new parents.

Of course, this is what Lyn started her week with, and she has it completed, quilted, bound and ready to hang in her bedroom. (Update: not so sure it's quilted an bound; maybe ready to do those steps at home.)
She had some extra blocks, so she enhanced the European shams currently on her bed with them, and just look how great this one looks!

 Lyn also wanted to add some art to her walls with this remnant of  upholstery fabric. She bought three blank canvases and stretched the fabric over them.

Don't they look great? She is very pleased with the results.

This is Lyn's final project - a "tabby cloth" - the silky tabs sticking out of the sides of this "blanky" are supposed to be the "rubby edge" that so many children find comfort in caressing against their faces or between their fingers. This one happens to be embellished with Ohio State tabs. We must remember our roots, you know!

Sherrie worked all week on baby-ralated items. Her daughter and son-in-law are expecting #2 baby in a week or so. They live in Honolulu, so all this stuff will likely be shipped to the kids. Sherrie is planning a month-long visit very soon, but she won't want to take all this on the flight with her.

In addition to what I've shown in the posts from earlier this week, this little elephant is now finished.

These are the parts for the stacking toy she's making. I remember when she made this pattern for her grandson. She did a good bit of growling, what with all the small parts, tricky construction, and so on. So I am really surprised she was willing to make a second one for the new baby. But here she is, hard at work on them!

Here is a close-up shot of the construction process. I love the fabrics! It really is going to be a sweet little toy. We referred to this table as the crazy table. All the tiny piecing, all the handwork, all the time and effort! Today, Sherrie's cousin Lori came to help out in the craziness.

Sherrie's final project was the creation of one of 3 flower panels. She embroidered this one and plans 2 more, all for framing; they'll be hung in the baby's room. Sweet. And it matches all the lovely florals she's using in the other accessories.

Sherrie's mom, Pat, worked on the brown and blue quilt earlier in the week, and finished up the week doing a wall-hanging of Ohio Stars.

Her work is so neat and perfect! I just love this wall-hanging! Ohio stars are quite popular here, you know.

Kay's efforts included this changing pad. Can you tell that this is fabric with plastic coating on it? I don't know if she made it for Lyn's new granddaughter, or for Sherrie's. (Another update: this is going to Lyn's daughter, the mother of the new granddaughter.)

Kay also added the borders to this quilt for her cousin's son. The time-consuming part of this project was the application of the letters to spell out the words. Lots of fussy work on those. But each word is significant to the quilt recipient, so well worth it.

Betty and Linda worked in tandem on their Trade Winds projects. I should have paid better attention. I'm afraid I don't know if they are planning full-sized quilts or whether they are doing wall hangings. They shared the design wall (bulletin board). Betty's is on the left; Linda's is on the right. (Update #3: Betty and Linda are making bedsize quilts.)

Anita's work all week was done for others. She made this quilt for a young boy whose family lost their home in a fire. He specifically said he wanted an Ohio State quilt, so here's what Anita made for him! It's great! I can only imagine the joy on his face when he receives this.

This is Susie's quilt. It's called a Comfy Care Quilt. Susie's husband recently had a heart attack, and this gift for him features all the hand prints of his children and grandchildren. It's made of fleece, and it's sure to provide him lots of comfort!

Sharon gets the most inspirational award. Honestly, this tumbling blocks quilt was just a bunch of unlabeled strips stuffed into a shopping bag when she started this week. We were all skeptical about her making any headway on this. Well, she definitely proved us wrong! Look at this fabulous thing!

See those ornery eyes peeking out at you? That's Reilly, who was present for a couple of days after he finished his tennis lessons.

Back to the Tumbling Blocks, Sharon says this is half of the top. She showed it to her daughter who is thrilled to see the progress. Since it is Amanda's quilt, she now is inspired to finish it! I can just imagine how overwhelmed she was at the thought of all those strips tumbled in that bag.

The only thing I have left to show you is my efforts on the Long Road Home.

I have plans to get this top finished this week. On Monday, Sharon will be here at my house to quilt. I should get a lot done then.

So there you have it, the wrap-up for 2011 Quilt Camp!


  1. There are some fabulous quilts and projects, but I think yours is my favourite. Is it your own design?

  2. Looks like great fun and I LOVE your Long Road Home quilt! ALOT!! Gorgeous!

  3. What a productive group!! Your quilt is coming along wonderfully too!!


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