Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quilt Camp ~ Day 2

Tuesday's edition of quilt camp is behind me and it continues to be lots of fun, as well as productive. I haven't really been taking pictures of what I've been working on - Long Road Home - but I have all the pieced blocks now completed, and I have begun to stitch the top together. I'll get some pics of it tomorrow.

Today, I will again focus on what all the other girls are getting done. Let's start with Sherrie. She's still making accessories for her soon-to-be-born granddaughter's nursery. She will be flying out to her daughter's home in Honolulu for a month-long stay, and will have to ship a lot of this stuff ahead of time. Too much for a carry-on!!

She finished up the crib skirt from day one. Love the colors. Her daughter does not want to go overboard on pink, according to Sherrie, so I think this will be a nice piece for the nursery to be built around.

Do you know what Boppy Pillows are? I hadn't a clue. Below is a picture of one. Apparently they are use to help support baby while nursing.

Sherrie actually put an invisible zipper in this boppy cover of MINKY! Yikes! I admire her guts to take on those 2 tricky things - invisible zippers and minky - whoa-baby! That's a combination I think I will avoid! Looks pretty good, though, Sherrie! Hats off to you for a wonderful accomplishment!

Sherrie's next project to tackle is a cover for the changing pad she's holding above.

She's using this floral for the changing pad cover.

Moving on to Sharon's progress. She finished up a primarily green quilt of Aviary fabrics. Just love it. She's been in an Aviary mood, lately, and thinks there might be enough pieces left for one more quilt.

Even in her Aviary mood, lurking in shopping bags long hidden in dark closets, she found something quite the opposite!

This is a project that Sharon and her DD Amanda began several years ago. They got sidetracked (overwhelmed?) and put it away. Don't you admire a woman who is willing to dig out a UFO this tricky? She is determined to figure it out!

Grandson Reilly getting involved in the action; doing his part to help organize these strips.

When I left, she was busy stitching these strip together. My goodness! What a daunting challenge!

Lyn was back to work on her wallhanging, which I incorrectly named yesterday. It is not Whirlygig; it's called Tradewinds. I did not get any new pics of it, nor did I take more of Linda's. However, I did catch this wallhanging that she worked on last year. Nice job, Linda!

Anita was back at work on her Ohio State quilt.  Betty was still working on her table runner. No new pics of either of these.

Kay worked on a quilt for the son of her cousin, who is being treated for leukemia. It's a Scrabble quilt that she downloaded for free off the internet, and ordered the fabric online. She was a bit bothered by the measurements (lots of 7/8s and 3/8s, etc.) Also, in hindsight, she'd like to have less pink, since it is for a 14-year-old boy.

I didn't mention it in the previous post, but our friend Mary came yesterday with 11 t-shirts belonging to her dad who just over a week ago died of cancer, which he'd battled for 11 years. He had a survivor t-shirt from Relay for Life for each of those 11 years. She is going to turn them into a t-shirt quilt to give to her mother. I think she plans on putting it together this week with some help from Kay.

A friend of Linda's, Phyllis, came in late this afternoon with this circa 1880s quilt. It is absolutely beautiful!

It was purchased by her now-deceased mother about 30 years ago. It had been appraised about 10 or 12 years ago. Phyllis is interested in selling this treasure, and was hoping we quilters could give her some leads on getting it circulated that this quilt is available to the right bidder.

This picture illustrates the incredible hand quilting on this quilt. Isn't it amazing?

Stay tuned tomorrow for a rundown of Day 3!!

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