Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quilt Camp~Day 1

Yes, dear quilters, it's quilt camp week. If I counted accurately, there were 11 gals who showed up and plan on getting some project or other done this week.

Here are some photos of things we are working on.

Sharon and I are making this flannel quilt for the daughter of a dear friend, who is in need of comfort right now as she is facing several rounds of chemo treatments. The pattern is called Cascade; it consists of 9 different fabrics cut into 10-inch squares, sewn together so that they appear to cascade diagonally across the quilt. Sharon did all the piecing, as it just made sense to have one person chain-piece it. I sewed and  prepped the binding.

By lunch time, Sharon had the top pieced. Looks pretty good, and our hope is that it gives her some comfort during this difficult time.

Other projects included Lyn's, who is making this wall hanging. I saw the patten, and it seems like I should remember it, but I'm not sure. (Whirlygig. That's all I'm coming up with; hmmmm...)

Lyn is using a Bali Pops collection called Capuccino, I believe. Isn't it stunning?

Another friend, Linda, completely unbeknownst to Lyn, is also making this design. She had just one block done, but look how different it is!!

Linda is also using batiks, but in a totally different colorway.

Sherrie has a granddaughter on her mind - the soon-to-be-born kind. She is making nursery accessories. This will be a crib skirt. Above is the boring part that goes under the mattress.

Here is her fun fabric. Sherrie is deep in thought, as she is figuring measurements, etc.

Anita is a quilter friend that I only see at quilt camp. She's been coming for several years and always has something cool to work on. Today she showed us 3 quilts done by a group she quilts with for a family in our area who recently lost everything in a house fire. These quilts are for their 3 kids.

In addition to those 3 quilts, Anita had another one she'd done on her own that she was giving to a young boy. I'm not sure of the circumstances, but he asked for an Ohio State quilt, so she made him one!

O-H!! I-O!! (We Ohioans love to spell out our state!)

Sherrie's mom, Pat, has also come to quilt camp for several years. She is finishing up the quilt she started last at last year's camp.

Suzi brought 2 quilts. One was done for a Relay for Life silent auction. The second is the same pattern, but I don't know if it is to be donated or not.

These are both simply pieced using 5-inch blocks, and a sweet applique used on the borders for added interest. Very nice, both of them.

Betty had recently attended a class at our local quilt shop on paper piecing. These 3 blocks are the result of her class work. She intends to make a table runner for her newly-married daughter's home. It's a free pattern from Carol Doak, the queen of paper piecing.

Finally, Kay (the whirlwind of our group as she gets more done that all the rest put together!) was finishing the Amy Butler quilt she worked on last year.

It's a stunning quilt top. She trimmed the edges, pieced the backing fabric, and is ready for the quilting.

Once she got that done, she got right to work on a project for her daughter and son-in-law using these fabrics:

They are cycling enthusiasts, and these will be waterproof mats - the bike fabric is coated with a plastic like on picnic tablecloths.

And in case she ran out of things to do, Kay, also worked on making a baby changing pad out of these fabrics, again with the vinyl coating.

Me?? What did I work on? Well, I was back at work on Long Road Home, and I plan to get a lot of it finished this week. Before that, though, I took out this little darling from back in December when I was sewing for Christmas.

I'm embarrassed to say that this easy little project has been laying around in my sewing room since December. The difficulty was in that the back and the front never seemed to be laid out straight. I had this done in no time, and moved on the more of the Long Road Home blocks.

So there you have it - the lofty plans for day 1 of the 2011 Quilt Camp.

When I'm not so tired, I will fill in details on how this all got started. Too far past my bedtime right now, and I'm falling asleep as each pic loads on! lol


  1. Oh I'm so looking forward to watching all your progress. I love the idea of your quilt camp.

  2. So many fun projects to be inspired by!!


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