Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's June!

And summer has definitely arrived! Springtime this year consisted of days upon days of rain and clouds and cool temperatures. For the months of April and May, we had more than 10" above normal rainfall. Definitely soggy.

Then, the jet stream decided to move north, and VOILA!! Our temps have been in the 90's for about 5 straight days now. Humidity came, too. Instead of complaining about the rain, now we are too hot!

Mother Nature can't win with us finnicky humans.

Here are some pics around our house as the graduation party countdown continues. DH has been doing an amazing job with the mulching and yard.

Yesterday was Tuesday quilting with Sharon at her house. I finished hand-quilting the table-topper, and applied the binding. It is ready to be stitched down. I will do that on Friday morning with my quilt group when they come here. I then made about 3 Bento Box blocks out of the purple and gold batiks. Sharon finished the border on her Layer Cake quilt.

Happy Quilting, Friends.

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  1. It looks so pretty!! Enjoy your weekend!
    Lori @humblequilts


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