Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Busy Week

I sure don't know how in the world I ever got anything accomplished when I was a working girl. This retirement gig is great, but I swear, I am busy all the time! When I do get a bit of down time, blogging doesn't get top billing, I'm afraid.

Throw in a pesky sciatic nerve  -  this is really becoming annoying  -  does anyone have a magic cure?

Well, when last we visited, I was showing you quilts at the Good Time Quilters quilt show from last weekend. I still have some of those I want to share, so let's get to it!

Remember back in February or March when I was making a sample for Terry to use in a mystery class she was leading? Here is the link, if you need to refresh your memory.

The pattern, Seams Like Yesterday, is by Debbie Caffrey. I love seeing the same pattern made up with different fabrics; the choice and placement of color has such an influence on the finished look.

These two are keepers, for sure. I am pretty sure there were at least 2 more on display (you can see the edge of one in the pic above), but I must have opted not to photograph them, for some reason.

Here's another interesting thing I found: the guild had a signature quilt displayed. If I remember correctly, it had the dates 1977-1997 on it, so I assume that the signatures are of the members during that 20-year time period. The part that interested me is this signature.

"Jennie Wharton." Well, that surname is my mother's maiden name! It is not a common name, and so I wondered about Jennie - could she and I be related? The Grandma whose quilts we viewed a few months back is Grandma Wharton. I asked Grandma about Jennie, and she said she knew of Whartons in the Pickaway County and Fairfield Country areas, but did not know if there were any family connections.

Wouldn't that be quite the coincidence??

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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