Sunday, September 2, 2012

Low Key

We had a rather low key Lone Star day yesterday. Ahh, ending the fun events of a lazy summer, packing alll the gusto one can into the Labor Day weekend, and, of course, getting back into the groove of work and school - I imagine some or all of these things limited our work on our Lone Stars this last month.

Now here we are in September, and I feel a new sense of purpose in getting, not just my Lone Star done, but in getting several things done! There's something about the arrival of the fresh, crisp air of autumn that invigorates me. How about you?

So come on back the first Saturday of next month - October 6 - and we will see how invigorated we have all been, ok? It will be my month to hostess the festivities; Quilt Sue, I sure hope I remember!!

In other news, I took a quick trip up to Circleville after my Friday classes to take in the Good Time Quilters Guild annual quilt show. What a nice little show they have. This guild is quite large, and they always put on a nice show. I've been going for a long time - maybe 20 years or more! I should ask how long they've been doing this show. The 4 Frankfort girls I quilt with every other Friday are all in this guild, so they will know some of the history of it.

I suppose you wouldn't mind looking at a few pictures of the event? I thought that would be a good idea, and so I took quite a few pictures with my iPhone (I had forgotten to take my Canon). I will spread these out over the next few posts. Here are some highlights of quilts I liked.

Blue and white quilts always catch my eye. I couldn't get close enough to see what this pattern is called or read anything on the card, for that matter. Too many people. But it sure is pleasing to look at, isn't it?

Well, would you look at that - another blue and white quilt! It had a rather large ribbon attached to it (I cropped it out), so it must have received some special recognition. So pretty. Who needs fancy stuff? Just make basic squares with great fabric combinations and you have an heirloom!

OMG! Another gorgeous blue and white quilt and another fancy ribbon. This was a real beauty. The card said it had been made with iron-on foundation. It was so square and flat as a result. Very neat and precise.

I have always wanted to make a snowball quilt; this one is scrappy with a predominance of blue - it has a reproduction look about it, and I have plenty of scrappy repro fabrics to try to imitate this. Maybe something I will consider adding to my to-do list...hmm...

Have you noticed lately that we are trending back to using lighter backgrounds, or even white backgrounds? For the longest time, the darker backgrounds were favored - those that looked almost tea-dyed - for an old-fashioned look. These stars are similar to ones I made for one of the first quilts I ever made, which I hand-pieced. I will have to show it to you sometime.

I don't recall this quilt having an orange border, but perhaps the lighting altered it a bit. (I'm not a big fan of orange!) Regardless, I still like this quilt for the pattern. Hourglass? Double hourglass? Just a very pretty, simple quilt.

More scrappy stars! Combine a 9-patch with some flying geese units and corner squares and you get a great looking block of sizeable proportions. This really appeals to me.

I am not only drawn to simple quilts! This one looks like it'd take a ga-zillion years to make - look at all those half-square triangles! Good grief! I love it, but I don't know where I'd ever find the fortitude to make it!

Of all the quilts I photographed, I wish I could have gotten a better shot of this one. The fabric is 30s prints on off-white. I am especially enamored with the border, which looks to be many, many 4-patch units attached on-point. Love it.

This scrappy log cabin combined with a vining applique is really pretty. I didn't think I was particularly fond of log cabin quilts, but I took this picture and the next 2 which are also log cabins, so there must be something appealing about them.

Log cabins and stars - patriotic colors. Very nice.

Log cabins and stars - black and butter cream.

Nice quilt show, right? I think several of these quilts pictured here are going onto my to-do list. That's the great thing about attending a quilt show - you get so inspired!!

Well, that's all for now. I will have a few more tomorrow.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. beautiful quilts! oooo I cant look., I will want to make them too and I have enough on my plate to finish already!

  2. It was a quiet Lone Star month, and so was July - I reckon it's the "summer effect". Just watch all the progress we make for next month.

    I love some of the quilts you showed, specially the log cabins, and the blue and whites, and the snowball, and, well, all of them really.


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