Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Single Block Experiment

In the previous post, I admitted that I'd been doing a lot of piddling - no big-time projects, but lots of dinky things that a QDD-stricken gal can handle. QDD you ask? Quilting Distraction Disorder. I know most quilters have periods where there are just so many projects we want to work but we can't decide which to start first. The only thing to do is tackle some piddly little thing that will make the most of an hour or two.

And the piddling is fun, actually. I don't have any great big beauties to show you, but I have an ever-expanding stack of blocks that will one day become something. Here's the latest addition to that stack.

I "liked" something on Facebook awhile back, and now I get updates from a site called One recent update featured this star and gave a link to a free pattern. I followed through on that, got my free download and proceeded to make this block.

It's called Inverted Star and the tutorial was very easy to follow. If I make more, I will find a sturdier fabric for my background. You can see from this photo that my white is very thin. For a 'mock-up' block, it worked fine, though. That very bothersome intersection in the bottom left-hand corner is the result of my not following the tutorial's instructions to trim. *I learned my lesson.*

So, if you want this pattern, I believe you have to become a registered member of Craftsy. I have never gotten anything from them before, so I can't vouch for their stuff, but this block does appeal to me, and it was a simple process to download and use. Below is the Craftsy version of Inverted Star.

Photo: This is the block, in case the link in my earlier status wouldn't work.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Beautiful block-------all thing start small and grow.


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