Monday, September 24, 2012

SWF - Sewing With Friends

I play a lot of WWF - Words With Friends on my iPad.

 I also do a lot of SWF. It is a much more satisfying endeavor, too, as there is something to show for my time. WWF keeps my brain active, but my posterior... well, let's not go there.

Here are some of the great things my friends have been making at a few of my recent sew-togethers.

A few of us sewed at Terry's house a week ago, and Sheryll was working on this. Impressive, isn't it? Well, it's even more impressive when you consider the size. Those little HSTs are about 1/2-inch each.

Here is a standard credit card pictured on it, to give you some perspective on the size. Unbelievable. This was a class that Mary offered at her barn up in Grove City a couple of weeks ago. The HSTs are made with paper foundation called Thangles, so that takes some of the scare-factor out of things. The finished block has a border made of those same HSTs, and it looks fabulous. Take a look.

I left before the border went on, so JoAnn sent this pic. Finished block: 12 inches. Incredible! And I love it! Sheryll said she would use it either as a little wall hanging or as a table topper. It will be pretty wherever she uses it!
Speaking of JoAnn, she made this wall hanging awhile back and proceeded to do some quilting on it. I really like this - both the pattern and the fabric/colors!
Monica worked on a rather intricate star block. The pieces were tiny, which always gives me reason for balking at making such patterns. Monica was undaunted, though, and had made good progress.
Terry worked on yet another blue and white quilt. I should have done a better job of recording the pattern - sadly, I have forgotten what it is called. The upside is that I imagine I will get to take a picture of the finished quilt top, so I can report later. She has all her blocks organized here, and made her way through the making of many, many star block units. (I think!)
A few days after I sewed at Terry's, I went to Sharon's and sewed with her. It was quite a satisfying day, one in which we got lots done!
This handsome fellow is about to be a big brother! Reilly, Sharon's grandson, is posing with the quilt he made at Quilt Camp. Read about Rye at Quilt Camp by clicking here. With help from his grandmother, he has backed it with fleece, tied it with floss, and added a bolster pillow. The new brother is due any day now, and this quilt will be waiting on the baby's bed.
Sharon, too, has been busy with baby preparations. She was putting the finishing touches on this quilt she's calling Birds on a Wire. She'd just finished machine quilting it, and we made a trip to buy binding. (I will speak more about this in a future post.)

 I got into the baby quilt action, too. As I was trying to decide on what to work on at Sharon's, I grabbed a Jelly Roll of Moda fabrics in baby blues, and did one of those "race quilts" that are so popular. I'd not yet done one of those, but I've been wanting to. Check this off my 2012 Goals list! I just love how it turned out. (That fabric shopping trip I mentioned above, involved my border fabric.)
I learned something while doing this quilt: one Jelly Roll will make 4 baby quilts. Good to know, for future reference. I made 2 and  have the remaining half-jelly roll on standby should I need more baby boy quilts.
I cut the border at 6 inches. I am so pleased to finish this all in one session of sewing, and expectant mother Amanda gave it her stamp of approval, too. Yaa! I will try my hand at machine quilting on this quilt. It is something I have very little experience with, so I will defintiely practice before tackling it.
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Making HSTs that little would be scary. I imagine the Thangles would help a lot. The blocks look great.


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