Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Third and Final Thrifty Finished

The experiment has concluded. I started with a picture of a quilt. It was quite simple in its design, so I knew I could make it without a pattern. Next, I found 4 fabrics in my stash with which to make this quilt. I just randomly decided that my pieced block would consist of 3.5" units; the rest would be built on that base size (used in the 4-patches). Here is that quilt, which I dubbed Victorian Roses, because that is the name of the large floral print.

The one thing I did not consider when deciding on color placement was the chain that runs across the quilt. Mine doesn't show up because I used fabric that was too light. I wish I'd used the darker blue instead, but that's water under the bridge now, isn't it? I made this quilt back in May, and I already have a back set aside for it as it awaits a quilting date.

While making this quilt, I had the brainchild to do another one with a base unit of 3" blocks for the 4-patches. I was just curious as to how much difference there'd be by reducing the size of the base unit. So, I scrounged around in the stash to see what I had available. In the mean time, I was searching around to see if I could locate a more proper name for this design in some of my quilt books. That's how I found "Thrifty," the name that was used in an old book of quilt patterns I have.

Here is a portion of version #2, Thrifty, using the 3"base unit. I worked on it at Quilt Camp back in mid-to late-June.

The burgundy floral is Butterfly Garden by Kansas Troubles from several years ago. I did get the darker fabric in the chaining spot this time, so the finished quilt does have that blue trailing down through the blocks.

I still wanted to do one more, this time using units of 2.5" for the 4-patches. So again, I went digging through the stash to see what I could come up with. That is what I've been working on at various times throughout this month.

I showed you the fabric a while back, and then again a few days ago. I'll show you again....

That dramatic leafy/paisley is a Windham fabric by Nancy Gere, which I think I bought in 2010. Washington's Legency, I believe is its name. I just got the borders on it last night, and here she is!

It's a pretty, sun-filled day here in Ohio, so the color is toned down a bit by the bright rays. I am quite happy with the red chain, and I am least happy with that blue-ish teal in the pieced blocks. It doesn't work as well as I'd anticipated. That said, however, now that I have the dark red and dark leafy borders attached, I find it more appealing than before.

That's my experiment, then. Three quilts all using the same pattern, but gradually reducing the size of the smallest unit each time. I think I like the 2.5" pattern the best.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I am so glad I don't have to chose which is my favourite - they are all great and looks so different when done in the different colours.


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