Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Stuff from Grandma

About a week ago, I spent an afternoon with Grandma during which time we tackled the desk in her sewing room. Again, I came home with some treasures.

This is Grandma's sewing kit. My mother has one similar to it, but I think it is in worse shape than this. We kids were pretty rough on Mom's, I'm afraid.


I will highlight some of the particularly sweet finds in these trays of Grandma goodness in upcoming posts. Let me just show you this for now.

This is a pair of 70-something-year-old scissors. Grandma said these scissors were what she used when she made little dresses for my mother and aunt when they were babies. They are quite dull now (the scissors, not Mom and Aunt Nancy), and a bit rusty and loose, but I think I can clean them up and make them usable. If not, I will frame them in a shadow box with some of the other goodies from Grandma's stuff.

There are needles galore, rick-rack, thread, tape measures, and pins - both straight pins and safety pins - in incredible amounts. In true young-wife-of-the-Depression fashion, she never threw anything away, that's for sure.

In addition to the scissors, another amazing find - a silver thimble with the initials GS engraved on it. GS, we think, must be Grace Shipman, my  maternal great grandmother. Grandma's mother-in-law. It is worn and no longer round; rather, it is flattened out to an oval-like shape. It must have seen a lot of use! I remember Granny - that's how she's always been known (in my lifetime, anyway). She was aged and somewhat senile (I mean that in a nice way). She sat a lot, and needed assisitance. My memories are very foggy, but that's the sort of thing that I do remember about her.

Well, I've digressed...I will get pics of some of these individual items and post them in some future episodes.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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  1. Great post...I can't imagine it's easy, treasure the time.


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