Monday, September 3, 2012

Quilt Show

The previous post highlighted some of the quilts that I liked at the Circleville Quilt Show last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I purposefullly left out the quilts made by my Frankfort friends.

I am sure I missed some, and all I could find were by Sheryll and Terry. So, Sharon and JoAnn, if you entered any quilts, I am sorry to have missed them! And Terry and Sheryll, if you had more, I missed those, too.

All of these quilts have likely been pictured here on the blog before when we do our little show and tells, but now they are finished and on display for others to see!

A baby quilt by Terry.
Barn panels in a lap throw by Terry. Note the red ribbon!!
A reader once asked where she got the panels; if that reader will leave a comment,
 I promise to get back to you.
Terry's gorgeous hand-quilted patriotic quilt.
It, too, received a ribbon.
Sheryll's beautiful basket quilt.
She was putting the finishing touches on this at our last get together.
Is that a ribbon on the far border? Why, yes it is!

Sheryll's Civil War quilt. The names in the 5 blocks
in the upper right corner are hers, her sisters', and her mother's.
A blue ribbon! Way to go!

Sheryll's fantastic quilt - called High Cotton, a pattern by Kim Diehl.
Whoo-hoo! The motherlode of ribbons! Congratulations, Sheryll!
 I still have more to post about the quilt show. Come back for that tomorrow!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Oh my, what talented friends you have. All those ribbons.


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