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While I love the satisfaction of finishing a quilt, it isn't the only way to have fun with quilting. Fun also comes from the great outings with girlfriends, shopping expeditions with Grandma, or just sitting in my "thoughtful spot" chair perusing magazines and books. The thrill of the next project waiting just there on the horizon...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aunt Margaret - Quilt #2

This quilt is the Buckeye Quilt, as will be immediately evident. Grandma made her usual Ohio Star and Stepping Stones blocks in scarlet and gray to great success, whether a Buckeye fan or not.

This is Uncle Nick's "Go Bucks" quilt. Grandma made it approximately 10-15 years ago. There's a very good chance she bought some of this fabric with me on one of our shopping trips to Waynesville, OH.  Do you see how she did the borders? I imagine she was making sure she used up all the fabric she had.

I will be adding this quilt to my "Grandma's Quilts" page there at the top.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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Grit said...

Der Quilt ist super geworden.
Liebe Grüße Grit