Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lone Star Chatter

I am home from a day of hand-quilting for the historical society. It is such fun to see people and visit.

I made a new friend, Rita, who said she would love to learn to quilt. So while she pulled up a chair, I threaded a needle for her, and right there on the spot, she tried her hand at it! I am sorry to report that she took out all the stitches she made, but wasn't it great for her to try? I told her to keep practicing, and she would get the hang of it. I hope she does.

My intent was to check in on the QAL festivities here today through my ipad, but alas, the day was too busy for me to follow through on that. I'm here now, and it looks like Elizabeth and Sue have things well under control. Thanks, ladies!!

Interesting conversations today included 2 with different women about Lone Star quilts! It was almost freaky when the 2nd gal began describing her "unfinished quilt in the closet" and I came to realize it was a Lone Star!!! Twice in one day, I had women describe these unfinished quilts, and both quilts were Lone Stars - incredible, really. Makes me wonder what glorious quilts are hidden in various closets throughout this land. Can you imagine?

So I have Long Road Home in the big frame, Darcy Schnibble in the little frame, a Lone Star with some resewing needing done, and at least 3 quilts in various stages of production upstairs in the sewing room. Wonder what I will work on tonight? Heaven only knows...

Happy Quilting, Friends!



  1. I am not a quitter in general, but I suspect that I might have given up on my Lone Star if it wasn't for these days. I can't be seen to fail can I, when the QAL was partly my idea in the first place.

  2. P.S. I HATE blogger's word verification. It took me 5 go's to get my last comment accepted. I wonder how many times before this PS gets through?


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