Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Lone Star!

Hey all! Our year of making Lone Star Quilts is in its 10th month - time flies!! Doesn't seem possible to me that it's been 10 months, ya' know??

By now, I think everyone knows the routine. Sign in with Mr. Linky here, leave a comment here and on everyone else's blog when you visit. We will then be able to see everything that each other has been doing this past month.

I teased you earlier in the week by saying that I had been doing some work on my Lone Star. I had been suffering terribly from quite a chronic case of avoidance. I had some unsewing to do and I didn't want to do it! The reason, I suppose, is that even with the unsewing, the resewing might not ever make things better...

...but I must forge on. This is where I thank Quilt Sue for suggesting we do this QAL - for surely, if I weren't working on this quilt in conjunction with all of you, I would have returned it to that plastic tub it'd lived in for 20 years. Aaggh! I have GOT to finish this quilt! This year! Even if it does mean it's going to lay all wonky and weird! Not every quilt has to be perfect, right?

 With that little rant out of my system, let's see what my progress has been, shall we?

This picture is from earlier in the summer - like maybe July??? All these months later, I'm still distressed at the lumpy, bumpy results. That's why I'm unsewing. There are 8 points on that center star, and I unsewed 7 of them. Yes, I did...


I took pictures of all 7 points, but they all look equally pathetic, so I will stop with these 3. I plan to flatten out all the parts as much as possible, pin, and hand stitch everything back together. I realize this will likely mean that my quilt will still be a bit on the wonky side, but you know, at this point, I am willing to accept it for what it is, finish it, and move on. *sigh*

Well, this is sounding like a pity party - but actually, I am not that sad about it. I just want to be able to call it a finish in the current calendar year!!

I am preparing this post on Friday night to be scheduled for publishing early Saturday morning. I will be busy on Saturday quilting in Greenfield at History Day - my 3rd annual appearance. I will be quilting my Long Road Home. But, because of History Day, my participation here with the QAL might be limited. I am planning to take my iPad, so maybe I can keep up with everyone that way.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Well I will be quilting this afternoon and will show my progress then, but you've done well to unsew all those points, and I'm sure you'll find they will lie flatter when you resew them. Who knows, maybe, once you've finished, you'll fall in love with this quilt again.

  2. Sue is so delightfully optimistic this morning isn't she? I was really surprised you said you'd be hand sewing all those points, wow wee that is dedication. I wish you luck and enjoy your day.

  3. Points aside, I really like your lone star alot! I like the use of solid fabric; it shows so much color! And, I am surprised, but I love the bold pink and red and blue combination! I'm an orange and yellow and purple kind of gal...ordinarily.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting...I really appreciate it!


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